Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A-Z Concept Photos due on Friday, Oct. 2

  • 26 A-Z pictures to your shared folder.
  • 5 best potential sculpture pics posted to your blog.
  • ALL pics need to be labeled (example: angst.jpg).
  • Have a plan for beginning work on this sculpture. Be ready to show sketches and talk to Amy or classmates about your ideas!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Poster Fundraiser

Poster $ is due on September 30th!!! We have only 6 more days left to raise funds. Remember that this is money that is going to be used to buy our GROOVE -A-LICIOUS Artsy Bunch Poster as well as fund scholarships. It is out only real fundraiser for the year, so it is a requirement that you participate. If you are having "issues" raising your funds, talk with me and I can help you brainstorm some solutions.

Today's Fieldtrip

Had a great time on the fieldtrip with you today! I hope it was an inspiring trip for you and you got some good ideas on putting together a body of work in a cohesive way. On the yellow itinerary, there are two assignments that were to be completed while we were on our trip, however, if you were just WAY too excited about the work at the time, be sure to do it at home in your sketchbook.

  • Please be sure to do the write-up for each gallery as well as the reflection on the trip itself.

  • Finish taking your A-Z pictures. You might want to label them in your sketchbook so you can remember the concept you were trying to capture. These will be due next Friday.

Lastly, I am very proud of all of you!! I feel that you really represented Lakeridge, our art department and yourselves very well. Thanks guys, you're the best.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Gallery Fieldtrip this Thursday

Are you looking forward to gallery-hopping on Thursday??!
We will be leaving the school at 7:45 AM...DON'T BE LATE!!!!!!!
Please remember:
  • your fieldtrip form and $5 for the bus so that you CAN go.
  • $$ for donuts in the morning and for lunch.
  • a digital camera for our A-Z project (due Friday, Oct 2).
  • your sketchbook and a pencil
  • cell phone (just in case)

I am really looking forward to spending the day with you!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


youngARTS 2010: Apply now on-line!

Who's eligible? Seniors

What can you get? 3 million dollars available in scholarship money, over $500,000 in total cash awards, $10,000 youngARTS gold awards, $5,000 youngARTS silver awards, all-expense paid trip to Miami for National Finals Week, master classes with artists.

Deadline? You must be registered by October 16, 2009 by 5pm.

I will help you assemble a portfolio of work. youngARTS needs to recieve the portfolio no later than October 30th (not postmarked on the 30th)!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Blog!

Hey Kids!
Welcome to the 2009-2010 AP 3-D Blog!
I am really pumped for the year. You are all talented, hard-working individuals that have dedicated a portion of your life to creating and enjoying art. This blog will become a tool that we will use as a part of the AP 3-D class to help us communicate with each other. Some of the uses might be on-line critiquing, communication of deadlines, sharing our sources of inspiration, and posting our artwork for friends and family to see.

To start with, you will be creating your own blog which will be linked to this one. You will need to check this blog frequently so that you stay up to date on the happenings of the AP 3-D class, National Art Honor Society, and the Ceramics Club!